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Royal African Company is a multifaceted art...experience. Ever evolving, the purpose is to not fight the Southern past, but utilize it to better the future.

Supporting South Carolina businesses and organizations, first, employing sustainable buying and making practices + sharing the history of the South through creating space for artistic expression is just one way to be Southern for Good.

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The Artist.


SaBrina Jeffcoat


Initially, I was exposed to scientific research as an undergraduate biology student. Education equipped me for a career but more advantageous was the skill of discerning fact from skillfully formulated opinion. While biology was engaging, my interest in art was ever present. After three years, I chose to pursue a degree in the field that I was more passionate about.

Becoming a business owner was a matter of necessity. But in retrospect, an essential component to me becoming who I am, my understanding of my abilities. The catalyst for starting my retail and arts education business, Royal African Company, Ltd. Co., included graduating from the College of Charleston in 2012, working for the Savannah College of Art and Design for two years and coming home to Columbia, SC.

Five years later, I was in the midst of a self proclaimed “perpetual internship”. I’d seeked out people in my community who were extraordinary at the work they loved and spent time listening to their stories in an attempt to identify parallels between their lives and what I saw manifesting in my life. Within this time, I began to see a pattern: resources (financial resources, social capital, physical space) were securely connected to the interest of policy makers and their agents. Adversely, when resources were accessible, it enabled people to create positive change within their communities. Although I was known for my capabilities as an arts administrator, the connection between my artistic practice, research interest policy that informed that work was striking.

This amalgamation of focus has allowed for Royal African Co. to be serve the South in a transformative way.

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