The Research.

Become an advocate within the Creative Community was more of a natural progression than a career goal. Often volunteering before joining a board or being hired by an organization, we observed a lack of "Connectors": those who create a path between available resources and those who need said resources.

And because this disconnect does not end with Creatives and patrons of the Arts, our work has often extended to include food and health disparities, gentrification and financial issues pertaining to our local communities and small businesses.

Research topics include: 

Information Analysis

Comparative Politics

Marginalized Communities

Economic Implications in Political Discourse

Intellectual implications in Political Discourse


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The Objects.

Material culture made of and inspired by the information and experiences collected from the places and people of the South.


Royal African Co. began as an accessories and home goods company; Locally- sourcing materials, such as indigo, cotton, and Kenyan Soapstone.


All items are designed utilizing materials that represent the South + the people who built the South, people of color.

Students of the Center For Learning decompress with a positive self talk activity.

The Services.

Creating space, for artistic expression that is accessible + community-focused. Services include:

Interactive and Traditional Research

Art Programming for K-12

Public Art Administration

Strategic Planning for Small Organizations in the US South


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