The Work.

Your premiere connection to superior afrocentric accessories + handmade home goods. Both made with the culture of the unmistakable South in mind.


The Party.

Event + Fashion styling services as well as concept development consultation services.


The Service.

Creating space, for artistic expression that is accessible + community-focused. Always rooted in South Carolina History +  sustainable living practices.

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The Work.

The Royal African Company brand is collaboration, working one-on-one with clients to create artfully-crafted handmade wearable art and home goods.

All items are designed utilizing materials that represent the South + the people who built the South, people of color. 

You will find textiles, wood, bone, natural stones, leather and the color indigo throughout the designs. These materials represent the Native inhabitants of South Carolina, enslaved people brought to South Carolina + the crops that fueled the South Carolina economy.

Materials are primarily sourced from South Carolina vendors and constructed from up-cycled materials as often as possible. Including throw pillows made of dinner napkins, handbags made of place mats + jewelry made of found objects.

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The Party.

The Royal African Company brand is creative resourcefulness. There are a number of Afrocentric vendors in the South, but none focus on the culture of the South + buy from other small businesses + champion sustainable practices.

This unique combination can be translated into product photo shoots, fashion shows + celebrations of all forms!

Let's have a conversation about representing your message through a beautifully curated event.


The Service.

The Royal African Company brand is fueled by servicing others. Particularly, through creating space for art to be created. This looks like workshops + speaking engagements + art installations such as public murals and curated exhibitions.

Previous collaborative partners include: #whatshesaidproject, City of Columbia, Alternate ROOTS, Charleston Rhizome Collective, Girls Rock Columbia, AuntieBellum Magazine, I Am Every Black Girl, Izms of Art, ColumbiaSC63+ MORE!

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